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Strength Through Diversification

International Success


Ludvik Advisory Group provides advisory services to Worldwide for portfolio acquisitions, asset management and portfolio management.


Worldwide has a diversified portfolio of companies across several industry sectors.


Worldwide has received firm funding commitments.


Worldwide helps business seek access to much needed capital to finance growth, consolidation or special situations.


Worldwide helps investors seek opportunities to invest in all markets.


Worldwide helps entrepreneurs, as well as existing companies realize, develop and implement their business plans through a proprietary and proven operating strategy.

Why Us?

Worldwide realizes that investment and economic cycles drive many difficult situations and necessary actions.  In situations when the implicit contract between equity investors, management and venture lenders breaks, Worldwide solves the stalemate quickly before value is lost or completely destroyed.

Acquire Changing Businesses
Preserve Relationships
Leading Due Diligence Tactics
Increase returns for all involved

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